Success Stories

The National Heart Foundation

Heart Foundation Big Heart Doorknock Appeal: in 2002, we started recruiting a small test of 5,000 collectors in Queensland and today we recruit more than 120,000 collectors nationally.

The Salvation Army

Doorknock Recruitment and Regular Giving: one of the founding clients of Apple Marketing’s Regular Giving Service, today we recruit 25,000 collectors for a range of appeals each year, including the Red Shield Neighbourhood Appeals. 

ABLE Australia Services

Raffles: Apple Marketing conducts ABLE Australia Services’ four annual raffles, which have grown to become one of Australia’s leading raffle programs. ABLE was also an integral part of developing the Support Package Regular Giving service.

The Epilepsy Foundation

Raffles and Regular Giving: in more than 14 years, Apple Marketing has conducted 60 raffles. The Epilepsy Foundation is also one of the first clients to introduce the Regular Giving Support Package to the raffle buyers, which achieved great success.

Kids' Cancer Project

Raffles, Merchandise (Hospital Bears) and Regular Giving.

Red Cross

Raffle Supporter Regular Giving package: we achieved about converted raffle donors to monthly regular givers (achieving around 20% above target).