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Time To Think Beyond Crisis Management

July, 2019


Sometimes we make our worst decisions when we’re in the middle of a crisis. By acting reactively rather than proactively or in a defensive way rather than a proactive way.   Ever felt like that?

Often, we rely on how we have managed issues in the past to solve new problems whose solution exists by adopting new approaches and thinking.

Some challenges many businesses are facing today, including many of us in fundraising, is how to constantly initiate and develop growth and how to simplify processes for a better return on investment.

Hence, a starting place for developing new approaches for problem solving could be based on innovation management.

Innovation management is founded in design thinking, a scientific process that focuses on problem framing and problem solving distinct from past approaches.

It can help us get out of crisis mode type of problem solving and into more creative and proactive approaches by considering challenges from a systems perspective.

Hence, by the application of design thinking methodologies our intention is to not only simplify our processes for improved returns on investment.

We also intend to develop better access for engaging our supporters including the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y in more meaningful ways for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

As we engage supporters with fundraising initiatives, we need to get feedback from them to generate data for gaining insights that will inform better campaign design and strategies.

Hence, supporter feedback will form an integral part of our design thinking method to fundraising and aim to engage supporters the way they say they want us to engage with them      


Darren Musilli   
Chief Executive Officer
Apple Marketing Group                                                                                                                                             

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LinkedIn Post - #ourdifference

July, 2019


Our team has embarked on our annual 12 week cycle of regular giving conversion for our charity partners and their conversations will inspire over 3000 new regular supporters to connect on a regular basis to their favourite cause. 3 weeks in & we’ve learnt three key trends;

1) Capture Imagination - “what the investment will do”

2) Keep the proposition / need specific - “general doesn't work”

3) Link clear, tangible and precise impact ask amounts - “own the ask”

We’re optimising, learning, segmenting and reporting every step of the way. And it’s working! Our fantastic fundraisers are connecting thoughtful, respected and engaged supporters to another level and impact of giving for the amazing charity partners we have the pleasure partnering with.                

Good luck with your regular giving programs. If you need help or advice - get in touch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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