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LinkedIn Post - Cause Connect

May, 2019


12 months ago I briefed our digital strategy team to come up with a new, online, fast paced raffle concept; “Digitise the surf club ‘meat tray’ raffle!”

Fast forward 12 months and our first Cause Connect 50/50 raffle was a huge success selling out in just 5 days. For Parkinson's NSW it was so easy; no permits, no prizes to arrange, no admin, no calls (did I type this correctly!) and no letters. In 5 days it activated past supporters and generated new supporters with the aim of funding Parkinson's nurses across NSW.

Our next 50/50 is now underway for The Shepherd Centre. Buy tickets or check it out

To add this 'rapid fire' fundraising concept to your program or to receive our Case Study, send me an email #success #fundraising #new #digitalstrategy #online                                                                                                                                                                

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There's No More Business As Usual


May, 2019

Digital Disruption

Ever since we figured out fire, stone tools, language and other great innovations change has been a constant. Change today is faster than it has ever been. Technology and the Internet have brought radical changes to the speed and to the way we communicate and access information.

As a result of this is disruption the old traditions around which cultures, economies, and politics have been organized are upended.

This disruption has not been kind to businesses used to operating by the rules of the old model. Fifty years ago the life expectancy of a Fortune 500 Company was 75 years, now it is 15 years. It’s probably safe to say that almost all the companies listed in Fortune 500 today will be replaced by new companies in new industries in the coming decades.

Disruption in the Not-for-Profit sector 

Originally, management was designed for a very different set of business needs; ensuring that repetitive tasks were completed, improving economic efficiency and maximising productivity.

In the age of digital disruption and new social development those needs are vastly different.  Proven solutions and strategies that were highly effective in the past are no longer as effective today. 

The not-for-profit sector is equally prone to change and digital disruption.

Traditionally, the sector has relied on the generosity of the Builders and Baby Boomer generations who are deeply connected and hold strong loyalty values to the cause.

Gen X and Gen Y have different drivers for donation; hold different loyalty values, and channels for connecting and engaging.  What has worked in the past is no longer working as effectively today. The way we have engaged supporters in the past will not be the way to engage supporters in the future. This is especially true for Gen Y and the younger generations.

Change is not only coming from a shift in supporter demography, pressure is being experienced from a multitude of other sources including changes in government policy and numerous other factors.

Factors calling for change

  • Digital technologies
  • Shifting traditional sources of funding
  • Move from local to global competition
  • Same cause/multi-charities
  • Reduced Government funding
  • Supporters increasingly want to see the impact of their investment
  • Changing supporter demographic
  • Donation of the moment
  • Asking overload
  • Perpetual grants will increasingly be benchmarked on innovation capability of the recipients

In addition, not-for-profits are increasingly being called to be more efficient, competitive and provide a more sophisticated way of measuring impacts and outcomes. 

There’s now a need for a greater alignment with corporate goals and to develop investment capability to decrease the need on traditional
funding, such as government, for creating growth and sustainability for the future.

Hence, what we believe is needed is not only change, but also a complete transformation of the way we engage supporters and work with one another.  This will require courage, some calculated risk taking and a deep commitment from all of us to work together differently and to think in different ways.

We can no longer plan in reaction to change but rather we need to plan in anticipation of change and create a future that supports our mutual vision, as a single body, committed to making a difference in the community.   

There’s a call for all of us to work more collaboratively, learn from one another, be more innovative, and to think intuitively and creatively in an environment of increasing uncertainty and business complexity.

Creating Our Future Together

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Peter F. Drucker

We are committed to expanding our capacity for providing a higher return on investment (ROI) to you, our charities, and growing fundraising activities to provide a much larger financial pool to support and empower your efforts.

Over the past three years we have been quietly working on a plan for creating our future together in the face of this great uncertainty and change.

And this year our changes are unfolding, including;

  • Retention surveys
  • Cause Connect 50/50
  • Integrated system for better supporter correspondence
  • Instant payments, single & regular, via sms

We hope that you will partner with us on this new and exciting journey of fundraising transformation.   


Darren Musilli 
Chief Executive Officer
Apple Marketing Group                                                  

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