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LinkedIn Post - Why do supporters stop giving

June, 2019


Why do supporters stop giving? You probably know part of the answer but how can you be sure. Last year our teams asked the same question. So, we placed a deliberate strategy on finding out why.

We simply asked the question (more than 4500 times) “Just before you go, we value the input of past supporters and would love to gain some insight as to why you have been unable to support us for a little while?” and 3765 donors and buyers replied:

- “I can’t afford what you’re asking me to do”

- “I prefer to support you in other ways”

- “you and other charities are asking too much”

Listening to supporters enabled us to tailor ongoing strategies resulting in a 200% increase in conversion results. I’m excited to be presenting this and other fundraising ‘take aways’ at FINZ Conference this week in Auckland.

Send me a PM if you’d like the complete survey results pack. And if you need questions answered about your supporters, please send me an email In 2019 our focus is to listen and learn more from your supporters.


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