Cause Connect 50-50 Raffle - What is it?

A ’50-50 Raffle’ is a simple and fun online raffle concept, whereby all proceeds from the sale of tickets go into a prize pool (‘the pot’).

The prize winner takes 50% of the total prize pool - the other 50% goes to the charity.

Its rapid-fire fundraising – campaign run over 7 days

Why do we love it?

  • Quick and easy to bring to market
  • Permits not essential (depending on prize value)
  • No prize outlay for charity
  • Cash or cash equivalent prize appeals to all
  • Fun way to keep supporters engaged
  • Strategy to capture and enrich existing supporter data
  • Charities can run multiple, smaller campaigns via social media with minimal promotional budget required

Why Do Our Charities Love It?

Testimonial - Parkinson’s New South Wales.

“Our first 50-50 raffle was a huge success. We set the campaign over a 7-day period and sold out in just 5 days. More importantly, we identified that around 40% of our top purchasers had never donated to our organisation before. We will be undertaking more 50-50 raffles as a fun and simple way to build our digital profile and further engage non-traditional donors.“ - 13/5/19

Why Do Their Supporters Love It?

Testimonial – Susan from Sydney (winner Game 1 – prize $2,500)

“It is just such a fabulous and exciting thing to have won the Parkinson’s NSW first 50-50 raffle. Thank you so much to Parkinson's NSW for making my exciting holiday possible, I am so, so looking forward to it and it will be a very special thing to me. (My warmest wishes to you all). - 29/4/19

Visit the Cause Connect website to learn more about our 50-50 raffle.