Team Testimonials

Jenny, Call Centre Consultant

Most people would be surprised to hear being a telemarketer can be fun as well as rewarding!

If you like talking to people, and if you bring your own personality to each call, you can enjoy yourself, and you can end each day knowing you've helped make a positive difference.

Andre, Call Centre Consultant, Mentor, Trainer

I love training with a passion. I get the chance to inspire and work with interesting people and I look forward to each new day. 

What motivated me in the beginning was raising money for charities. After four years that still drives me, and working with a great team is a huge bonus. 

Lisa, Call Centre Consultant

I’ve got a positive and supportive team plus set hours that give me great work life balance, which is really important.

Apple also puts on heaps of team building activities like our regular BBQs, special events for our birthdays and our big end of year Christmas Party.