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The National Heart Foundation


For 20 years we have worked together over many campaigns; Raffles, Single Giving, Regular Giving and Gift In Wills raising in excess of $80M. Here’s what Braden Spencer (Individual Giving Manager) says about our partnership: 


For over two decades, the Heart Foundation has had the pleasure of working closely with the dedicated team at Apple Marketing, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable across a wide and varied range of campaigns. 

 From the very beginning, Apple Marketing has demonstrated a deep understanding of the Heart Foundation, our business objectives and target audience. Their professionalism and commitment to excellence have been evident in every interaction we've had. Their telemarketing campaigns have consistently delivered outstanding results, exceeding our expectations time and time again.

 One of the standout features of Apple Marketing is their ability to tailor their approach to suit our specific needs. They took the time to thoroughly understand and connect with the Heart Foundation, enabling them to present our offerings to potential and existing donors in a compelling and personaliszed manner. Their telemarketers are not just salespeople; they are brand ambassadors who truly care about our success.

 Over the years, we have faced various challenges and shifts in the market, and through it all, Apple Marketing has proven to be a valuable and adaptable partner. Their ability to adapt their strategies and embrace innovative techniques has kept our campaigns fresh and relevant.

 Furthermore, the communication and collaboration with their team have been nothing short of exceptional. They are always responsive to our inquiries, receptive to feedback, and open to brainstorming new ideas. Their dedication to forging a strong working relationship is something we greatly value and appreciate.

Kidney Health Australia


Apple Marketing Group, significantly impacted fundraising efforts by exceeding expectations in campaigns such as Giving Day and Gifts in Wills. Through their engagement since September 2019, revenue from Telemarketing rose by 97%, conversion rates grew by 5%, and average gifts increased by $9. This collaboration prevented the decline of the fundraising program and maintained the lottery data cohort's activity. Apple Marketing's personalised approach, passion, and meaningful conversations with donors played a pivotal role. Their commitment to ethical fundraising and alignment with FIA Code was evident through tailored training sessions, fostering donor care and rapport. The relationship yielded increased Confirmed Bequest results by 35% year on year and a growing prospect pool. Apple Marketing's transparency, proactive support, and alignment with Kidney Health Australia's vision contributed to the partnership's success, allowing for cost-efficient campaigns and strong caller relationships, leading to trust and better outcomes.

The Shepherd Centre


The Shepherd Centre has been working closely with Apple Marketing since introducing Telemarketing to our fundraising channels in 2013. The team at Apple have helped build our donor and regular giving database through acquisition, renewals, and regular giving calling.

"We have recently carried out bequests, events and alumni recruitment calls. Apple are happy to carry out our calling needs and have achieved great results across all campaigns."
Joanne Rogers – Deputy Director Fundraising

The Salvation Army


Over our extensive fundraising partnership we have collaborated and worked on various fundraising products and programs. In 2005 we started the National Red Shield Doorknock Appeal and to this day (2023) the volunteer database is as active as ever raising over $600K annually.

In 2009, we launched the Crisis Partner RG program alongside the Salvos and other stakeholders. 14 years later the phone program is the leading conversion method for the Program.

Heart Research Australia


Apple Marketing's telemarketing services have played a pivotal role in enhancing the campaigns of Heart Research Australia, demonstrating growth of a new sustainable phone program. Since their engagement, Apple Marketing has consistently surpassed expectations, amplifying the impact of fundraising efforts. Their collaboration has yielded remarkable results, including a notable increase in campaign revenue and donor engagement. The conversion rates for various campaigns saw a substantial rise, and the average donation amount experienced a noteworthy uptick. Through their adept management and personalised approach, Apple Marketing's callers have effectively conveyed the organisation's mission and fostered meaningful conversations with potential donors. The “human touch” provided by the empathetic team aligned with Heart Research Australia's goals.


Apple Marketing has fortified their team's ability to interact effectively with donors, thereby establishing a deep sense of trust and rapport. The transparent communication, proactive support, and consistent achievements brought about by Apple Marketing have significantly enhanced the impact and outcomes of Heart Research Australia's campaigns, establishing them as a key partner in advancing the organisation's mission.

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