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People to people

Working closely with charities, we develop effective outreach strategies and leverage improved market indicators to solve problems and build awareness. A phone call offers an instantaneous ‘pulse check’ on the thoughts, desires, and needs of your donors.

Regular Giving

Would a regular giving package be the ideal fit for your next campaign? 

Regular giving (RG) offers substantial advantages to the charity, including consistent monthly income, enabling donors to strategically allocate their contributions, and minimising costs associated with donor communication.

What about the donors? 

We take the time to ask and listen, ensuring  the donor is comfortable with this style of giving before proceeding. Our dedicated team is experienced in handling various regular giving conversations and campaigns, including Conversion, Reactivation, 2-Step RG, Decline Management, and Upgrades. We carefully match our callers with the appropriate type of RG call and the cause that interests them the most.

Regular Giving
Single Giving

Have you explored ‘Single gift’ giving?


'Single giving' is a fundraising approach where individuals make one-time donations to support a nonprofit organisation or cause. Unlike recurring contributions, single giving involves a single financial gift made at a specific point in time. The types of SG conversations include renewal conversations to existing donors, acquisition conversations to new prospects, and reactivation conversations to supporters who have stopped giving. These interactions go beyond merely asking for a financial gift; they delve deeper, seeking to understand the donors' motivations for giving.


What about the donors?

Donors may choose to give to a particular campaign, respond to urgent appeals, or support a cause they care about without committing to ongoing contributions. This method provides immediate financial support to nonprofits and plays a vital role in their overall fundraising efforts.

Single Giving
Gift in wills

Have you considered the influence your gift in a will could have on the lives of future generations?

Gift in wills empower individuals to include charitable donations to nonprofit organisations or causes in their wills or estate plans. This act of generosity becomes a significant source of income for many charitable organisations, serving as a lifeline that sustains their work and fosters positive change for years to come. The decision to leave a legacy through gift in wills is highly personal and necessitates the expertise of a skilled and empathetic caller. Engaging in conversations about this topic creates possibilities, each carrying the potential to transform the future of philanthropy.

What about the donors?

Individuals can leave a portion of their assets, such as money, property, or other valuables, to support a cause or organisation they care about. This allows donors to leave a lasting impact and support a nonprofit's mission even beyond their lifetime. We’re pleased to have a dedicated team who can classify new GIW donors, re-confirm GIW donors, steward intending GIW donors, and check in and update considering GIW donors.

Gift in Wills

What role can raffles play? 


Raffles (and Lotteries) offer an impactful and efficient way to raise funds. At Apple Marketing Group, we position our product as the pipeline for reactivation and acquisition in fundraising programs. Our approach incorporates various fundraising techniques, including Single Giving, Regular Giving, and Gift In Wills, ensuring that the program complements your overall fundraising strategy.


With the potential to generate anywhere from $50K to $1M in gross income, (depending on the size of your database universe), a raffle can be a significant source of funds. Our dedicated team will be there to support you every step of the way, guiding you through the process. We also offer online payment pages and raffle products to bolster the overarching strategy and make the experience seamless for all involved.


What about the donors?


By participating in raffles, donors get the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution and experience the thrill of potential rewards, which adds an extra layer of satisfaction to their giving experience.  This attracts a broader audience, as it appeals to both those who are deeply committed to the cause and those who might not have considered donating. Raffles add a dimension of chance and excitement to the act of giving, building a stronger and more engaged community of supporters.

Raffles Lotteries
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Interested in supercharging your fundraising campaign?

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